5 Interesting Things To See In UAE

UAE is not only a great nation but also a great place for people who want to discover the best Natural and man-made marvels of the world. Dubai has become one of the best places of entertainment these days. You may have read about many things about the Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa etc. but in this list, you will discover some mesmerizing and cultural places which you would love to see. Here are 5 interesting things to see in UAE

  • Take a Tour to Abu Dhabi Heritage Village

The culture explorers love to visit Abu Dhabi Heritage Village.  Here you will encounter the hidden things behind the wealthy image of Dubai. The best time to visit this place is morning, you can watch the open air museum easily. They have conserved the traditional pottery, metalwork, farming tools etc for the visitors.

Abu Dhabi Heritage Village
  • Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

The Brilliant architecture of the Mosque attracts visitors from all over the world. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is the biggest mosque in the country. This mosque has an accommodation capacity of 40,000 worshipers at a time. This place is a central place of worship for all the citizens and remains closed for visitors on Friday. You will get mesmerized by looking at the white marbles, traditional carpets, expensive chandeliers etc.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
  • Emirates Palace

The Emirates Palace is situated a little outside of the city surrounded by the white sand beach. With over 300 rooms and 92 suits, this palace consists of many pools verdant gardens etc. If you have watched Fast and Furious 7 than you may have seen this palace in it.

Emirates Palace
  • Bedouin Camps

Bedouin camps are for those who love experiencing the nature. Visiting these camps will help you experience the Dubai desert lifestyle. You will learn and enjoy all the traditional things here like the barbecue dinner, Bedouin tea, Belly dancing, hookah etc.

Bedouin Camps
  • Dubai Miracle Garden

You will be amazed by looking at over 50 million flowers, this is one of the best Dubai attractions. This place covers approximately 18 acres and will attract you with its magnificent beauty and fragrance.

dubai attractions

You should never forget 4 things if you are going to Dubai camera, sunscreen, Sunglass and lose clothes. There are many things to do and many other Dubai attractions apart from the above list which you can visit. But these are some of the interesting things which will help you connect with UAE.

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