5 Most Common Alternative To Quit Smoking

5 Most Common Alternative To Quit Smoking

Smoking is heavily injurious to health and quitting smoking is not an easy task. Most of the people who try to quit smoking are tend to fail. There are alternative therapies which can prove beneficial to quit smoking. 


Hence there are no scientific proof and evidence that these products for quitting smoking are highly effective and useful but there are so many examples of people who are successfully able to cut the smoking especially cigarettes from their life by using these methods.

Here are the five most common alternative methods to quit smoking

Acupuncture –

Acupuncture is the most traditional and ancient therapy which is used for various things including cessation of smoking. The best thing about this method is that it works for everyone. It is one of the viable options to quitting smoking successfully. In this method, the fine needles are inserted in the body at specific points and then the medicines are inserted as meridians in the body. It is used to treat the many physical and mental conditions of the body.

Laser therapy –

This is another method which is used to quit smoking. In this method, a low-intensity or cold laser lights are used to stimulate the specific points in the body like acupuncture method. This helps the body to release the hormone known as endorphins which imitates the relaxing effect of nicotine which caused in the brain.

Hypnotherapy –

Hypnosis is a therapy which referred the altered state of awareness where the doctor is involving patients in suggestion and psychological manipulation. Hypnotherapy is also used for quitting smoking by lessening someone’s desire to smoke or making one’s focus on not to smoke.

Herbal cigarettes –

Herbal cigarettes are tobacco and nicotine free which is considered as safe and best alternative to the tobacco contained cigarettes. Some herbal cigarettes such as clove cigarettes are found to harmful as they contain tobacco which is getting mixed with the herbs and flavor. Although these are used to quit smoking.

Electronic cigarettes –

Electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes are considered as the best alternative to quit smoking and are widely spreading these days among the youth. Many researchers also indicated that the electronic cigarettes are less harmful than the traditional cigarettes and Juul is the widely used and reliable product among these cigarettes.


Smoking is an addictive habit and it is very hard for everyone to quit smoking. Here some alternative methods and therapies can prove helpful to quit smoking cigarettes successfully.

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