5 Pranks To Make Fool Of Your Boyfriend

Even if it is not an April while you should be ready with your amazing pranks to surprise your loved ones. An easy joke cannot be called as a prank. You need to be aggressive with your pranks and give the feel of creepiness and shock to your boyfriend. In a relationship, it is necessary to have the feel of fun and laughter. But you should also care about the feeling of your boyfriend as well and make sure to not hurt his feeling or giving a shock which will give him a heart attack.

Use a blow horn

If your partner is not waking up from the bed, then the easiest solution is to prank in a way such that he will forget about the laziness for the rest of his life. Keep your blow horn ready for blowing it in front of an ear of your boyfriend when he is acting lazily.

Use a fake ultrasound

While you literally want to check the reaction of your boyfriend toward your kids in future, then you should order a fake ultrasound to give him a surprise of having a baby. This may also overturn the situation of your relationship, but this way you can be able to get a better understanding about the behavior of your boyfriend.

fake Ultrasound

Be a fashionista

Behave like a model in your home and change your clothing after every few minutes. He is surely going to notice this and ask you why you are doing this. While you shouldn’t respond to the words of his. This will make him go crazier.

Make his favorite meal

Prepare a favorite dish for your boyfriend and invite him on a dinner. While you try to make it as gross as possible, in case you should be ready with an extra yummy dish also. In case you should ask for a promise of eating a whole dish by himself. In a dilemma, he will have to taste the worst food and to not hurt your feelings. You should be ready with a tasty dish which will make him happy again.


Scaring is the best

There is no better prank than scaring a person, while you should be ready with your Halloween costume, to surprise the hell out of your boyfriend and let him feel the true craziness of Halloween.

These are some of the best pranks which you can play with your boyfriend to make him surprise, while this might also help you to make your bonding stronger.

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