6 Ways To Prevent Yeast Infection

Most of the women have problem-related to the yeast infection in the summer season, but it does not mean that such problems will sort out itself with the change in season. In the vaginal part of the woman body have the complex and delicate ecosystem and if you will not take proper care of that part then there are more chances of having the yeast infection. Luckily there are methods which can help you prevent from having such problems.

Consume probiotics


Probiotic vaginal suppositories
Probiotic vaginal suppositories

One of the best ways to get yourself free from the yeast infection around your vaginal part is to consume probiotic vaginal suppositories. For example, if we consider yoghurt which also contains Lactobacillus acidophilus is considered as good bacteria which fights against the bad bacteria and the fungal infection to make sure of your good vaginal health.


Use birth control suppositories which don’t have estrogen

More estrogen gain in the body can also be the cause of growing yeast infection. The doctors also suggest that a woman should take birth control suppositories which do not contain estrogen. Estrogen in the body produces more Candida Albicans around the sensitive parts of the woman’s body while it is better to consult an OB-GYN who can recommend you better suppositories for birth control.


Wear cotton underpants

It will be better for you to keep your sensitive lady parts as dry as possible and do not cause any humid environment around the vagina which can cause burgeon of yeast infection.


Do not use soap or other scented feminine product



The vaginal part of the woman body is very dedicated and when it comes in the contact of artificial feminine scented product, it causes irritation and can also trigger the cause of yeast infection. It is better to use the natural product to make you sensitive part clean and healthy.


Clean your vagina

If you would keep maintaining hygienic environment around vagina then it will reduce the chance of having the yeast infection. While you should not try any rough method which can cause you more irritation and make your vaginal part dry without keeping contact of bad bacteria.


Sleep more

The immune system of your body tries to wipe out all the bad bacteria and yeast cell from your body. The immune system of your body will work better if you are getting proper sleep. OB-GYN also suggest that having proper rest is important for ladies to improve the immune system of their body.

Having a healthy practice of keeping the hygiene of the vagina is not very hard. If you would follow the above steps then you can avoid the most of the problems related to yeast infection.

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