7 Qualities Of Iphone That Beats Android.

Every one of us likes android phones due to many reasons like tones of apps to use, best stoarge capacity, cheap prices etc. But the iPhone is more preferable if you want to recommend it to someone who could buy it. Apple is known for its best hardware and user-friendly interface. Both of the products have their own qualities but following 7 qualities of iPhones beats android.

  1. Processor speed

When you compare the processing speed of the iPhone with the other devices you will notice that even the same flagship phones can’t keep up with it. You can look for the benchmark reviews if you want. Many of the new Samsung phones can’t beat it. Try to open a high-quality video or app on iPhone and Android and look by yourself.

  1. Hardware and user interface.



When you look at the build quality of an iPhone and compare it with some other mobiles you will see that the premium build quality of iPhone makes it stand out from the crowd. It has a simple and easy user interface which comes with many customizations. Both its hardware and software compatibility make it the best preference.

  1. Software updates whenever required.

Whenever Apple updates come it has been seen that within 2-3 months of any update comes, 25% of iPhone users all over the world update their devices but other companies didn’t even come close to 5%. It is easy to download and the device will notify you of the updates.

  1. Quality apps.



IPhone provides the best apps for use without any kind of lags. All over the world developers prefer ios platform first to develop the apps. You can see that all the apps like Instagram, snap chat etc are first developed for ios than for Android.

Bloat ware free.

You have noticed that when you buy an Android phone it comes with some pre-installed apps which take lots of space and are of no use. You can look for the many bloat ware removal guides online to remove them as it is hard to remove.

  1. Siri. 

How can I forget Siri, Siri is the best audio responder or you can say virtual assistant present in the market. Google is trying its best to overtake it but it is getting harder for it as it continues to improve over time.

  • Customer supports and services.


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You can always ask for help from the customer support regarding any problem they will guide you very well. In case of any problem regarding wear or tear of the device, you can always go to service centers or any repair service providers for your repair. Suppose you break your Iphone’s screen than you can go to apple service center or you can go to some trustworthy repair centers, one such service provider is the iPhone repair Singapore. Service centers like iPhone repair Singapore are true genuine center providing the reliable iPhone services.

All the above things makes IPhone a better choice to pick. If you are an android lover then at least try it ones to know the difference.

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