Solo travel is not as boring as you think. You will accept this fact when you start travelling alone. You don’t need to make plan, asking family and friends for their company, go according to their schedule etc. Travel alone and you will start enjoying your company!


solo travel
solo travel

1.   Eat whatever you want: You can eat the dishes of your choice without any restrictions. Visit new places and try different cuisines of each and every place that amaze you well. Those who are a food lover can also try preparing the dishes. It’s great fun experiencing new things.


2.   Take enormous selfies: This is an era of selfies. Taking selfies have become so popular that people of all age groups are nowadays taking their selfies and posting them on to the social media. Taking a selfie is also an art. Not everyone could take perfect selfies. But, when you are alone in a trip, you can take bad selfies as well and there’s no one to point it out!


3.   Become friends with strangers: When you are alone, there is no one to restrict you. You can talk to strangers and also roam around with them and no one would ever notice!


4.   Wake up any time: Parents often scold children for getting up late. And they are right too. We should wake up early in the morning. But sometimes, we want that we could rest for some more time. When you travel alone, you may sleep and wake up whenever you want and no one would be there to reprimand you.


5.   Do what you want: When you travel with a group of friends, you have to do the things that your friends wants even if you are not interested to do that! So, travel alone and do tasks that are in your bucket list.


6.   Wear same clothes again: You don’t have to remember which clothes you worn on which day. You can also repeat your clothes on the trip. No one knows you on the way so no one would care also!


7.   Find a complete new perspective: You will create a new perspective of travelling alone. Do anything you want. Wear clothes of your wish. Eat anything anytime. In short, just follow your own soul.



These were seven perks of travelling alone. Travel as far as you can without any restriction. Live life your own way and you will get to know yourself better!

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