Online poker games are fantastic fun. It is one of the world’s most popular card game which is played by 100 million of people on a regular basis who enjoy playing poker and earn money.

Poker is a betting game where requires a lot of strategies, gambling and skills as well as luck to win. It deals with two or more cards face down which is known as hole cards and then a round of betting starts where you can check, fold and bet. The winner of each hand is determined by the higher number of combination of player’s card in which some of the cards will remain open and some will remain hidden until the end. It is a strategy game where you need to analyze and then react to opponents. Situs online poker Indonesia is the website of online poker game which you can prefer.

Situs online poker indonesia
Situs online poker indonesia

Following winning tips & strategies for online poker:


  • Know basic poker rules

Before start playing you need to learn all basic information and the poker rules.

  • Begin by playing low-stakes poker

Every time you start poker, start it with low-stakes cards. Even for a person who play high stakes card game, it is advisable to start with low stakes cards. It will help you to be in the game for a long term and increase your winning chances.

  • Become familiar with new aspects

There are many more new aspects and features of online poker that you should know like layout and lobby of the site, betting features, cashier page, time bank feature etc

  • Start out by playing a single table

First, you need to learn to win the game in a single table then start adding one by one according to your comfort. Don’t directly jump into multi-tabling.

  • Starting hand selection

There is no point in continuing the game when you have bad hole cards, it will only make trouble for you to win and you will end up losing a big amount. It is the most important strategy in a poker game.

  • Play to your bankroll

Always play within your bankroll even after few wins despite how good player you are. Some of the poker players make bet of all their earnings in one bet and end up losing a big amount.

  • Calculate the odds

Calculating the odds may help you to win the game. Odds are calculated by finding those cards which require completing a hand.

  • Create a free distraction zone

Poker is a serious game which requires attention, patience and concentration. Distractions like eating, watching television, drinking may break your focus while playing.


Online poker is the most favorite betting game among most of the gamblers or players. It is the most entertaining game where you require strategy and intelligence skills to win that makes it more interesting.

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