Aging And Weight Gain: An Explanation With Ultimate Solution

Obesity is one of the common symptoms occurs with aging. It’s important to maintain a healthy weight because excess weight makes people more susceptible to illness and shorten their life. It’s not a difficult task to get off extra fat during teens, 20s or 30s like we need to do only mirror changes in our diet, exercise, and lifestyle. In contrary to that, people need to follow a strict guideline to lose weight when they are getting old and the reason is slow metabolism rate, less physical activity with the weak digestive system.


Factors Affecting Weight loss


Aging Muscles


As we age the muscle tissue becomes narrow and loses mass. The exact reason behind shrinking of muscle is still unknown but it is estimated that it’s the wear and tear of muscles which combines with hormonal changes, make the body inadequate to restore the damaged cells. As soon as the muscle cells diminish, the unborn calories get transformed into fat hence result in weight gain.


Changes In Hormones


With age, Hormonal changes in both the men and women may commit muscle loss and lower down the energy level. All these effects in decreased body movement and slow metabolism rate. Basically, it’s all about the weak immune system which makes a person lose interest involving in movements with frequent health issues like inflammation or infections.


Lifestyle Changes


People might experience a lot of lifestyle changes with aging, both the good and bad. For instance, a person who worked throughout life would ultimately want a luxurious lifestyle after retirement. More relaxation attracts people towards unhealthy food and comfortable life which ultimately bring the condition of obesity in their life.


How To Maintain Healthy Weight


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Balanced Diet

As people are more at the risk of muscle loss during old age, It becomes compulsory to take a diet comprises of the proper amount of protein, fiber, and other necessary minerals. Drink plenty of water to keep the body hydrated, never keep yourself starving because the metabolism rate is already slow at the stage.


Health Supplements


However people can lose weight with the proven ways like eating healthy foods, calories cutting and being physically active still it’s not an easy task to make frequent changes in lifestyle. In such a case, taking health supplements such as Purtier placenta helps a person to get back into shape with fewer efforts.




One must learn the importance to stay fit even at the middle and old age. With the increment in body mass or circumference, there are more risks of getting the serious disease and it would be dangerous neglecting weight gain with aging.



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