An Ultimate Guide To The Lifting Shoes

An Ultimate Guide To The Lifting Shoes

Today, there are a number of brands that have emerged providing some world-class brand of shoes for any category of weightlifters, be it of any strength as well. Over the recent years, weightlifting shoes have also experienced a big hike too. Every shoe reaches the market claiming itself unique and totally different from the other brands available in the market.


Lifting Shoes
Lifting Shoes

What Makes Up An Weightlifting Shoe?


  • Using the right kind of shoes is very important as they give you the necessary grip and strength that you would need while lifting. Choosing appropriate kind of shoes will give you enough of confidence and strength to do what you really have been dreaming of doing. This is surely an added advantage for you.
  • They play an important role in giving your ankle additional support and they come around in various models, without the strap, with one or two straps as well. They also come with laces to make sure the shoe can be adjusted according to your ankle shape and length.
  • The next important part of the shoe is the laces. This can be of any three types including the plastic, wood and stacked leather as well.


What Are The Benefits Of Using Lifting Shoes?


  • An abundant increase in ankle range of motion is their biggest advantage. Using a show with an elevated heel can simply help you to sit back more in a squat and also to provide mobility and supported clearance to your shin. This also helps a lifter to do the lifting with confidence, by keeping your foot firmly planted to the ground, maintaining and keeping the posture strong as well.


  • The shoe also plays a great role in providing stability to you. A stable base is what you require the most while doing or performing some power based movements or while squatting. This is actually a very important safety issue which needs to give importance as well.


  • Wearing a regular sneaker that has a rubber based or foam based base can make your ankle stand on an unstable basis, which might make things much difficult for you.


  • A strong, hard and firm base sole allows you to feel the ground and give pressure on your legs to lift more and give in more of your energy to do more and lift more as well.


  • The shoe strap provides you with additional support between the upper portion and middle portion of your shoe.




With so many brands being available in the market, be sure to choose the right one that suits you the most. Be careful not to use products that duplicate the branded ones. Also, try using reputed products for the best results.


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