Bridal Guide To Some Popular Wedding Dress Fabric

Bridal Guide To Some Popular Wedding Dress Fabric

It is not an easy task to select a perfect wedding gown as it may seem. A perfect wedding dress can have the combination of different materials. While choosing the right fabric is also very important. The different fabric has its own quality of comfort and styling since the same style of wedding gown can give a totally different look with different fabrics. There are varieties of wedding fabrics with their own charm and charisma. To make it easier for understanding we can divide it into two groups.

  • Structured

  • Soft

Wedding dresses are generally the combination of structured or strong fabric and soft fabrics in which structured Fabric is used for specific areas where more exertion can apply and the rest of the dress part is prepared from the softest fabric which provides more elegance and romance to a wedding dress.

  • Some common structured Fabrics are Satin, Taffeta, and Organza.

  • Some common soft Fabrics are: Chiffon, Georgette, Charmeuse, Tulle, Lace

Satin: It is considered as a form of Silk which can be used as a perfect for structural purpose as the fabric is heavy plain and lustrous. It is said to be perfect for structured, draped, ruched and ball gown as it provides the specific shape to the dress.

Organza: This fabric seems a bit stiffer than soft fabrics while it has more flow. Organza is the lightweight woven fabric and considered as better for structured dresses.

Tulle: It is a net-like fabric which can be as light as air. It is the perfect fabric for Veils and overlay full skirts. It comes in different styles like silk tulle and illusion tulle. It is considered to be best for ballerina style wedding gown. While mixing it with lace can give it more chicest look.

bridal lace fabrics
bridal lace fabrics

Chiffon: It is considered as a very soft quality of the fabric without any sheen on it. Chiffon can be used in layers and overlays, while it can be considered as the lightest wedding material. It creates a flowy and bouncy effect in the wedding gowns and can be considered best for drape style. Chiffon makes the body feel cool in the warmer weather as it is the best material for summer.

Lace: It is an open weave fabric which is used to give a special touch to the wedding gowns. Bridal lace fabrics give the elegant and versatile look to the wedding dress. It is mostly used in the sleeves, overlays and neckline insets while it provides the more beautiful looks to the gowns.

If you are finding a good wedding dress then you need to know what type of fabric you want in a wedding dress. The different fabrics can provide you different looks based on the design and pattern. The fabric is the main factor which determines the comfort and looks of the wedding dress.

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