Cyberextortion: An Alarming Threat

Cyberextortion: An Alarming Threat

Cyberextortion is the burning topic these days, it is a crime that involves the threats to attack or leaking the private information for money. Many of the big businessmen and industrialists are facing this problem these days. Here in this post, we will be discussing the different things about cyberextortion and its types.

What is extortion or blackmailing?

Before proceeding to the types let’s discuss “Extortion or Blackmailing”, It is a crime in which a person threatens to leak the secrets of any person or threatens to attack in exchange for money. Most of the criminals prefer blackmailing to get easy money.

Different Types of cyberextortion

These days many of the businessmen and individuals are suffering from the cyberextortion, so to know more about it, let’s see some of the types of cyberextortion.

  • Breaching the valuable data

There are many companies who have some dirty secrets which they don’t want to share with anyone. They store all their data somewhere deep, what these mastermind cybercriminals do is, they breach the valuable data and blackmail those businessmen.

Ilan- Tzorya
Ilan Tzorya

This information and data can be related to the misconducts, income tax, and money laundering etc. which company doesn’t want to share. Ilan Tzorya the well-known crypto entrepreneur is also involved in some of these types of extortion cases.

  • Malware attacks

Malware attacks are those kind of attacks which people are most afraid of because many of the people can’t tackle this problem. There are some crazy masterminds who develop malware which can infect the victim’s system and devices and prevent all authorized people from accessing it. This is one of the common method of extortion these days. To regain the access businessmen have to pay millions of dollars to the criminals.

The malware is sent to the victim via infected emails which contains an attachment to it. If the victim will click that attachment then the whole connections will get infected.

  • Affecting the accounts

There are many hackers who extort big banks for money. What they do is they infect the systems of the main server of the bank and blackmail them for money. Some of the hackers simply just rob the bank.

  • Breaching personal data

Many of the individuals are suffering from personal data breach. Nobody wants to share their dirty secrets like affairs and personal data. Many of the criminals use this method of cyberextortion to blackmail these people for money.

These are all the things which you should know about cyberextortion so that you can take all the preventive measures to stay protected from these attacks.

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