Discover Your Spirit Plant

Consider plants you cherish, that you have kept in your home, or that regularly show up in most loved materials or fine art. Is it accurate to say that you are enamored with the poppies of O’Keeffe, or the philodendron leaves of Matisse, or the bamboo of Wen Tong? What is your opinion about the famous banana-leaf backdrop at the Beverly Hills Hotel, or the tulip themes found at Istanbul’s Topkapi castle?

My soul plant, for instance, is the coconut palm. I feel a family relationship toward this palm in view of how adaptable the coconut organic products are — they give nutritious sustenance, drink, oil, pharmaceutical, and a vessel to boot. I jump at the chance to consider myself being exceptionally adaptable as well, and I seek to the statures of the coconut palm. It additionally has huge hair, much the same as I do.


In case you’re instrospective and appreciate solo excursions to the forsake, however don’t have enough direct daylight to keep a prickly plant cheerful, attempt an Euphorbia. Tall and stately, it appreciates being distant from everyone else in a corner with brilliant (however aberrant) daylight. Take a stab at placing it in a pot in shades of pink, yellow or tan to bring home a betray vibe.




In case you’re a beachy ‘shoeless and cheerful’ sort whose every day closet comprises of blurred pants and a plain shirt (with vintage adornments to boho it up) – the Hoya and Lipstick plants are ideal for you. Low upkeep and most joyful when hanging out, they will carry on with their best life in a vintage shell macrame grower.




Do you cherish visits to lavish wilderness y arboretums the same amount of as you appreciate picnics in a lush glade? Combine a Philodendron Xanadu with a finished bushel to bring home the best of the two situations.


On the off chance that you live in a shady mountain lodge, the sansevieria is for you. It endures low-light and needn’t bother with much consideration. With it’s leaves being on the darker side, liven things up with a beautiful grower.

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