Effective Ways for Filing Complaints against Any Company/Services!

Sometimes as a customer we feel that the prices of the product are growing more and more but the level of customer service is going down as well. In the fast-growing economy, we need to make sure that every time which we are going to spend should be warranted. Instead of being victimized of having a bad experience, you should Complain about the bad services of the companies.

Here are shown some ways using which you can be able to file your complaints against the company so that they can be able to control flaws in their services as well.

Complaint at website


In most of the online selling sites, you can find a space for reviews and customer service option. Using which, you can explain about the bad experience happened to you. If your complaint is really convincing then they will apologize as well. While you might be able to get some beneficial discount also.

To business bureau

You can also file a complaint against that company in the local business bureau of that area. Earlier, it takes quite a time to process a complaint, as you need to send a written mail to the department of the business bureau. But now you can also complain at their online site.

To federal trade commission

It is the job of the federal trade commission to take action against those companies, who do not provide better services to their customers. Instead of complaining anywhere else, you can complain at FTC for the bad services of a company.

Hire an attorney


If you are not getting a better response from the company. In such a case, you should hire an attorney and file a case against the company, who is in the guilt of providing bad services.

Complaint to another pissed customer

You can find the reviews of products and services at online sites, where customers can share their good and bad experience with the product. By giving bad reviews on the site you can be able to convince others not to purchase the fault services.

How to complain

Instead of spreading misconceptions, you should share your own personal experience and why you do not like the service from a company. This will give clear reasoning to the agencies and they can be able to take better action against the problems with the services as well.


Thus, these are some of the effective ways to the complaint against any company or their services.

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