Healthy Hygiene To Prevent Yeast Infections

Having Vaginal Infections are common, in most of the women around 14 to 44 yrs. of age group. Out of which Bacterial Vaginitis, commonly known as BV treatment considered to be the most common infection. This infection is caused by a fungus, which generally grows around your body skin, vagina or digestive tract and many more. You can control and get rid of these infections, using these tips, which include:

Be clean and dry:

Make sure you avoid using soap in your private areas. Instead of using bath foams or soaps you can rinse it through normal water and dry it completely using a soft towel. You are not comfortable using water, then you can also try using mild soap. You should make sure to dry your private areas as soon as possible. Change out the clothes if you are back from the workout and take shower after exercising. Always clean from front to back.

Decrease the natural moisture:

Body moisture causes when you wear tight fitting dresses, so try to wear loose fitting dresses, pants, etc. Allow someplace for the air to pass. You should always prefer to wear cotton under-garments, which will help you to keep your private areas, moisture free.

Avoid using hygiene products:



Avoid penetrating, as it disrupts the natural bacterial balance. You should not use feminine fragrance powders or sprays which will create an imbalance in the natural bacteria.

Cleanse Smartly:

Using hot water while bathing affects your vagina, so make sure to stay away from hot tubs. Lessen the use of soap and limit your self-soaking in hot water baths. After using bathing soaps, make sure to clean yourself, neatly.

Take extra care during mensuration:

While on mensuration cycle, keep your genital area very clean and dry, as there are a lot of chances to increase the chance of increasing bacteria. Use good quality pads instead of cloth napkins.

Relax and reduce stress:


 BV treatment
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There is a key link between chronic stress and vaginal yeast infections. As reducing your stress helps you to develop your immune system. You can avoid having stress by doing exercise, meditation and having 8 hours of proper sleep can relieve your stress.

Take natural remedies:

There are various natural remedies, which when taken care can help you to get rid of all the vaginal infections. You can consume, garlic dominating meal, or else consume the food cooked in good quality of coconut oil, etc.


Having vaginal infections are more or less common, but it’s your responsibility to take good care of yourself and remain healthy.

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