How Can You Find Dates Without Any Awkward Moves?

How Can You Find Dates Without Any Awkward Moves?

People who are shy and can’t face an awkward situation will most probably not even ask someone out. They are so shy that even talking to someone makes them uncomfortable. If you look closely everyone is using social media to have someone to talk to but most of the time when they ask someone out they end up getting a reply ‘sorry, I am in a relationship’. Which make them feel worse. That’s why people are using dating sites and affair sites to find someone for them. You can use the following steps to find yourself that someone.


  • Search for best affair apps or dating apps.

You can find many of the best affair apps or dating apps for both your android and ios devices online and can download it from any app store. Read the ratings and choose anyone you like.


  • Create an account.

Create your account in any of the apps set up a profile and use it. If you have a problem using any of your personal data than use fake ones or blurred ones to show everyone. Ones you get comfortable using it or talking to anyone then you can share with them.


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  • Send requests to anyone you like.

Go through different profiles and look for someone you want to make your partner and send them requests. Ones you get accepted try to be who you are and talk to them simply.


  • Talk to them.

When you talk to them you make sure you and the person other side share feelings and talk freely. Don’t get shy during messages.



  • Ask them out.

When you get comfortable with each other on messages than exchange numbers and talk to each other. After all these things if you think that you can trust them and meet them than be brave and ask him/her out for a date.


  • Don’t rush.

If your date proposal gets accepted then prepare a nice plan for a date and make him/her feel special. Don’t rush to jump into any conclusion in a first meeting only give each other time to settle their feelings.

So now you have a partner without getting into any kind of awkward situation. Following the above steps will surely help you get a date. There is a benefit of using these kind of apps everyone is trying to find someone here.

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