How to choose a perfect Vape to buy?

After the introduction of electric cigarettes, it has created its own market for the people who love vaping. E-cigs have evolved so much now. If you are buying a vape than you should know the following things.

What are the types of E-cigs?

  • Vape mod

It is the latest model of e-cig introduced in the vaping community. It has an advanced assembly feature and is generally used by pros. The main reason people admire it because of the cloud chasing craze.

  • Vape Pen

Vape pens come in different styles, but they are cylindrical in shape. They are bigger than ci-a-likes because, they have a bigger battery than them.

  • Cig-a-like

The word Cig-a-like describing itself as it was developed at the beginning of the e-cig, it looks more like traditional cigarettes. It was not the first choice of smokers as it was used only as an alternative.

  • Pod Mod

It is also a modern and compact type of E-cig you will see these days. They are low power devices that are as small as a cig-a-likes. Those people who can’t handle vape mods use these because of its size as it is easy to handle. Phix also develops the pod mods for its people. You can see different types of phix models online. Pod mods may come in variety of range and are affordable also.

Now you know the types of E-cigs so check them out and see what your need is and then look for the following things also.

Pod mods based on system













  • Open system: They can be assembled manually and they are filled with e-liquid which can be replaced.
  • Closed system: They are disposable devices which have pod filled with e-liquid.

Some of the advantages and disadvantages of Pod mods

Those who are switching from Smoking to Vaping should definitely try these pod mods as they are easy to use and they are much easier to carry.


  • Contains nicotine to provide a good experience
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Easy to carry everywhere


  • Battery life
  • Less thickness as compared to vape pods

This post provides you with all the key points which you can consider while buying a pod. There are many things apart from this like the battery power, Fluid Flavor, Vape quality etc all these things are based on your usage and taste. Choose a proper Flavor fluid to start or search for the best one online and read its review as you only can tell what you like. That’s it, now you know everything so buy the best one for yourself.

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