How To Properly Wear And Style Tweed?

How To Properly Wear And Style Tweed?

Tweed is ruling the fashion industry by giving a stylish and elegant look to the wearer. It is the best way to stay stylish and warm at the same time without bulking up. It provides immense warm and comfort to the body. This rough, woolen fabric has either plain or twill or herringbone structure and provides flexible texture.

Its fabric material is hard wearing and water-resistant which makes it ideal for all the activities either for work or for activities such as shooting and hunting.

Tweed fashion fabric are becoming the fashion spotlight and it is important to know how to wear it.

 Here some points that will help you to properly style the tweed:

  • Tweed jackets

Tweeds jackets are in the fashion trends again from the back era. Tweed jackets are the most versatile wear that can be wear as casuals as well as formal. It can be wear at work or in the countryside, for dates or even in the brunch. It’s hard wearing is also suitable for wearing the tweed jackets at shooting, hunting, and such activities.

Tweed jackets can be paired with jeans or with trousers. For a nonchalant look, you can pair your tweed jacket with a t-shirt and jeans. For more prim look, you can pair your tweed jacket with wool trousers and suede shoes.

Tweed fashion fabric
Tweed fashion fabric
  • Tweed pants

Tweed pants are best for winters. It keep you warm and protect you from cold weather.  The best thing about tweed pants that they are used for multipurpose and also comes in different varieties.

David pants and slim fit pants of tweed give you formal look and can also pair with your casual and nonchalant look while beam plus pants are loose that provide you warm and a lot of comforts. You can wear it casually everywhere and in the gym during workouts.

  • Tweed accessories

Ties and sneakers are also made up of tweeds. It is used during bad and harsh weather to protect from cold. The tweed tie is a bit tricky because it is not quite formal not even quite casual. Although sneakers can be preferred for any occasion. So, you can upgrade your style statement by tweed sneakers during winters.


Tweeds fabrics are again gaining the popularity and spotlight in the fashion trends. It is adaptable to every look and for every activity. It becomes important to know how to wear and how to style the tweed accessories.

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