Know The Procedure To Apply For The BSHR 2019 Programme

BSHR is a government programme or assistance which is done to lower the burden or making ease to live with the rising living cost of Malaysia. It is started on 2011 with the name of BR1M or Bantuan Rakyat 1 Malaysia but the name has changed. It is a great step which is taken to turn Malaysia into a high-income nation.

There are a lot of people who do not know how to apply for this programme and many existing residents also do not know how to update for BSHR 2019.

Eligibility criteria

BSHR 2019

There are certain eligibility criteria for this programme like you have to be a resident of Malaysia and should have a household income below the RM 4000 to avail the benefit of this initiative. The students below the age of 21 and should have a household income below the RM 2000 will also be taken into the consideration. It is the scheme which provides benefits to the older people also with above the age of 60 and household income below the RM 4000. After knowing the eligibility criteria, you can go for the further process to fill the application form.

Application process

The application form of this scheme is filled by both online and offline. The application form usually open in the month of December. Through the online procedure, the candidates need to visit the official website of the programme. Then, download the form and fill out the application. After filling the application form, it is necessary to keep a copy of the application form with you.

For an offline application form, the applicants need to fill the form of its office centers. There are multiple office centers where you can take or fill the application form like revenue service center, city transformation center. For offline application also it is advisable to keep a copy with you of the application form.

There are certain documents which are required to submit such as birth certificate, spouse passport, parental death certificate, divorce certificate, or widower. These are some documents, at least one of these is mandatory to submit either you fill the form online or offline.

From the above-mentioned methods of form filling, you can adopt anyone. The application form will include some of your personal information like name, address, contact number, and most importantly bank details. The bank details are also required to submit directly to credit the payout amount to the bank account. Remember the incomplete information could lead to cancellation of the form.

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