Mom’s Guide 2018 – Tips To Consider Before Buying A Baby Changing Table

Mom’s Guide 2018 – Tips To Consider Before Buying A Baby Changing Table

According to a recent survey, you will change around 2,400 diapers till your baby’s first birthday. Diapers will be life for nearly your child’s first birthday, thus, to make your diaper changing sessions easy and comfortable you can buy a diaper changing station. Here are some tips for you before buying a baby changing table.


While choosing the best table for changing, the first thing you need to consider is to work on the space required for setting up the table within your house. You need to choose the right place, where your babies are safe and you are comfortable. If your baby has a separate room, then make out a clear plan of the furniture which is to be placed in the baby room before adding all the required things to your shopping cart.




The second and the most important thing, while considering the baby changing table is to have a storage container in your table, which helps you to store all the baby essentials including baby diapers, baby wipes, creams, soaps and many other. Some of the other most important things, which you can to store in the changing table is to keep the hair ties to keep your hair from getting in the way, you can store sanitizers, which are generally used before and after the changing, baby toys to keep your babies engaged and distracted.

Special Considerations:

Manage to spend some time on the practicalities of different changing tables available which will suit you the best. All the changing tables does not come in single height standards, you can choose based on your height and space. Hence, make sure to buy a comfortable table for your own house.

Match your room decor:


baby changing table
baby changing table












While buying the furniture for your baby’s room make sure to choose the things which match your room décor, or else you can buy a contrast color furniture which is going to be little classy and also adds some attraction to your child’s room. If you are planning the room for your first child then it’s better to be gender neutral, instead of buying deep blue color or a pink.

Safety and security:

Safety is an important thing especially when it comes to your loved ones. The safety and security measures which are to be considered before buying the table are:

The table should not have sharp edges.

The safety belt should be present on the changing table.

 Proper security kit should be bought along with the table.


Hence, these are some of the tips for you to consider before buying the changing table for your new born baby. You need to be wise and have to go for the one which is conformable both for you and your baby

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