Necessary Tips To Get A Temporary Resident Permit For Canada

People who belong to the country that requires a temporary resident permit for Canada and are inadmissible to enter there, must require to apply for the permit in order to stay for a specified duration of time. Even after the application, there is no guarantee that the person will definitely receive a TRP and they also require to pay the processing fee for the execution of the process which is non-refundable. The permit contains some terms and condition which must be followed by the applicant like they need to leave Canada before the date of expiration.


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Tips To Get Temporary Resident Permit


Assemble The Right Documents

The person who is applying for the visa need to provide some necessary documents as an evidence to prove their validity for the stay. Being a visitor it’s their responsibility to gather all the documents to be shown at the time of procession for the checklist.

Understand The Purpose Of The Permit

Your reason for claiming must be valid enough to make the IRCC issue a TRP within less time, however, the issue sanction is also based on the circumstances, therefore, the documentation must compile with the rules and regulation made for the resident permit.

Provide Evidence to Support Your Claims

The reason for entering Canada can’t be fulfilled just with the consideration or support of anyone’s friend who is a permanent resident of Canada at the moment, a proof would be required with all the necessary details. For example, In order to attend a mandatory business conference, family function or funeral. In case of a criminal offense, criminal rehabilitation Canada is sufficient to allow a person without any resident permit.


Kinds of Temporary Resident Permit


Single Enter TRP

A single entry TRPs would allow someone to enter Canada only once and then it becomes expired. For re-entering, another application needs to be made for a resident permit. This permit has been mostly granted to attend temporary family functions.

Multiple Entry TRPs

Multiple enter permit is granted for a designated span of time hence allow to enter, leave then re-enter Canada multiple times until the validity of the TRP gets expired. Those who tend to visit Canada frequently, are usually granted multiple entry TRP status.




Since the procession for TRP requires a specific time period therefore it would be beneficial for the applicant to apply for the permit before at least a month ago from the date on which they want the visa to be granted.

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