Self Defense Fire-Armed Accessories: Selection Of Right Holster For Women

Both men and women prefer to keep fire-armed accessories for their safety hence requires a perfect holster to protect their armors. Mostly, there is a special consideration for women carrying a firearm because their shape of the body completely differs from that of men, waist-to-hip ratio and lineation of women’s clothing.

Being a women gun owner, selection for the right holster can be a challenge. Next to the decision of owning a gun, it becomes mandatory to find out which holster would be perfect to a female body.

Widely Used Holsters

Shoulder Holster : They are sometimes counted among uncomfortable holsters as they are placed over the shoulder which might be inconvenient for a lot of people. One cannot expect to place a large gun inside such holsters hence suitable for small and medium-sized guns to be picked easily in less time.

Waist Holsters : Waist holster is worn around the waist with the help of a leather belt that must be flexible enough to avoid all the difficulties one have to face while carrying their gun while riding or driving a car.

concealed -carry -holsters

An issue associated with holsters

Disability : One who suffers from disability thus can’t be able to take moves freely must opt for a snap holster that worn at the hip and gives great accessibility.

Chronic Pain : People facing the issue of chronic pain must use a light-weight gun as well as fix their accessories at hip or low so that they don’t have to twist while picking out.

Back pain : If someone suffers the issue of unavoidable pain over the spinal cord must choose a comfortable holster that can’t add too much load on them. Prefer a belly band and keep the accessories over the front of the body.

Safety for children : Women having small children can avoid the inconvenience of carrying a gun but it requires proper planning and preparation hence easy for the parents to protect themselves and children too.

Genuine Instruction for self-defense : Be aware of the surrounding as it can save anyone from being targeted. Running away from a dangerous situation can be better than engaging over there. Keep the gun always in a concealed carry holster, while on a mission as it helps to pick out them easily and also to draw up fires without making the gun to be visible.

concealed carry holsters


The whole description thus closes up to the importance of defensive accessories like a gun and their holster for women. Always keep in mind that selection of right holster is as much important as a gun therefore never choose such products in hurry.

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