Some Easy Steps To Install MS Office

Some Easy Steps To Install MS Office

You can purchase MS office subscription online and if you have already purchased it, you can skip ahead and install it on Window or on Mac. You should have a Microsoft account and by signing in on that account you can download the setup. Even if you don’t have an account, you can create a new Microsoft account online. In official use business companies can have a subscription plan under some license agreement and they can install MS Office.

There are some simple steps to install MS office online:

1. If you have a Microsoft account, you can get signed in and if you don’t then you need to create one. You can use “” this url to get signed in with your Microsoft account.

2. You have to sign in with the same account which you have associated with your MS Office version.

3. If you have forgotten your user id or password and you have a product key of MS Office then you should first sign in using any other account and copy that 25- characters to the blank area of product key. You will be able to get your user id. Now you can Sign in using your original account to install MS Office.

4. After signing in, you would get an option of “Install MS Office” in Office home page.

5. According to browser which you are using it will show you an option like in internet explorer it will show Run, in chrome it will show Setup, and in Firefox it will show Save File.

6. That save file is setup of MS Office program and you need to install this program.

7. When the installation process gets completed you will get a message “You are all set! Office is installed now” on your computer screen.

8. But before initializing your office product you need to activate it.

9. Office might get activate automatically but in certain case you may not be able to use MS office, even after installation process is completed.

10. It will show you a prompt i.e. MS Office activation wizard in which you have to choose that you are activating this software via telephone or internet.

By following certain easy steps you can easily install MS Office on your computer. You can now also use MS Office on your smart phones. MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are the three applications which you can use on your smartphones. The files created on a computer are compatible to smartphone and vice versa. You can install this using windows Xbox or playstore online.

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