Some Useful Tips For Picking A Quality Cowhide

Some Useful Tips For Picking A Quality Cowhide

A cowhide gives the way better looks to the interior of the home, while it becomes the center of attraction in the hall. You can make use of a cowhide in a different way, you can also use creative styles to make it look more interesting, while you can also cover your walls which will give your wall different texture.

While purchasing a quality cowhide, you need to consider many things. Most of the people focus more on the color and design but other things like size and quality also mean a lot of a good cowhide.

Cowhide rugs
Cowhide rugs

Which region it belongs to

All cowhides are not similar and there is quite a difference in the quality of cowhide according to different measures. The rugs which belong to Brazil are considered as the best quality cowhide while they are also quite expensive. You can buy non-Brazilian European cowhide as they are quite cheaper than Brazilian ones while you can get some good quality also.

You can test it physically

In most of the high-quality cowhide, you cannot find any wear or marks in it, for a long time. While purchasing you can check physically, by rolling and unrolling the cowhide, if you find more wrinkles in cowhide than it is of lower quality.

Good quality cowhide remains unharmed for a long time, while you can even check the leather quality through smell.
The back of the good quality cowhide feels as soft as the front of the cowhide while in some lower quality product the back of the cowhide is as rough as sandpaper.

Cowhide rugs
Cowhide rugs


It is not just about buying where it ends, you also need to maintain the sheen quality. Cowhide rugs are quite durable and it may not require special maintenance but you still need to take care of the sheen quality. Try to not to spill liquid on the surface of it, and if something has been spilt on it then you can wash it using a mild detergent.
While wiping the dirt on the surface of cowhide you need to make sure that you are brushing in a similar direction as the hairs of cowhide.

Try to showcase your cowhide

One of the most important uses of cowhide rugs is that it gives the luxurious feel to the home interior, while you can use your own creative style for showcasing your cowhide.

Cowhide can give your home a luxury look while you can also use it on your walls. You can also use it as covers on the back of the sofa or you can also decorate table while covering it with cowhide. There can be many different ways while it depends on your creativity how you will showcase them while you need to be certain about the style and texture should match your interior.

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