Things Every New Parent Enjoy With Their Newborns!

Becoming the parent for the first time is always known for being one of the most memorable and the beautiful experience any parent would ever have. There are so many things right from the first day of pregnancy that every parent looks for making it the part of their memories and are going to the photography studios to get the photographs of each and every stages of the pregnancy. You will find that the new parents have so many experiences that make them feel in the top of the world including – holding their newborn for the first time, and so many things that they enjoy for the first time to happen after the baby is born.


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For making this article more interesting for the new parents. I also met with some of the new parents and asked them for sharing their favorite memories that made their day. It is quite surprising to know about the things they shared as the most cherishing moments of their lives with their babies. Some of them are mentioned here.

  • Holding Babies – Parents say that holding their babies for the first time is something that makes them feel of heaven. As they waited for this moment for the longest time of 9 months and got it after so long.
  • Baby’s first trip – Some parents really enjoyed taking their baby out for their first trip out into the world into their buggy.
  • First bath – Babies first bath has also been an interesting fact that most of the parents enjoyed sharing their thoughts on. I really loved the pictures they clicked on their babies while giving them the bath for the first time.



  • Dressing babies – Parents really enjoy dressing their babies for the first time when in the hospital. And says that they were really happy seeing so small baby getting dressed and looking so adorable.
  • Feeding babies – Of course, babies first feed has been the most heavenly experience that the mother had for the very first time. And most of the mothers said that they were really blessed to get this experience for the first time after giving birth to their baby.
  • Baby’s home arrival – Many of them said it to be the best thing they experienced is to take their baby home for the first time and seeing their baby laying on their Moses baskets/cot for the first time after coming to their home.

It was really great hearing new parents sharing their experience and one thing that I found in common was that they were really happy showing the photos. And they have prepared an album of every picture that they clicked right from the first day of pregnancy in the photography studio to the pictures clicked into the hospital and in their homes.

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