Tips And Techniques Of Cheating On Online Games

Tips And Techniques Of Cheating On Online Games

Rules of survival is an online multiplayer battle royale game and around more than 100 million people play on the daily basis from all around the world. People eagerly want to know is it possible to cheat on rules of survival.

Here is the answer yes it is possible to cheat on the rules of survival on both mobile phones and PC with the help of rules of survival hack and mods. The mods include automated aiming and shooting, dodge scripts, auto looting, wall hacks, speed hacks and a lot more.

Here we are discussing few tricks and techniques to cheat on such online game –

Mods and Hacks –

Rules Of Survival Hack
Rules Of Survival Hack

Rules of survival is a server-sided shooter game and the best method to cheat on such games is through hacks. Hacks allow you to see the enemies through the wall, making the looting easy and killing the enemies easier, and also increases the chances of survival.

Mods for rules of survival is hard to find on mobile as compared to a desktop but speedhacks are enabled for fast driving, running, easy shots dodging etc.

Aimbots and wall hacks –

The wall hack and aimbots for rules of survival work similarly with each other. These apps scan your environment for items such as airdrop crates, players, lootable players etc and then display these objects on your screen.

Aimbots also include automated actions for aiming and shooting. It will automatically aim your gun towards the enemies to shoot which are present in your sight. Aimbots are more effective in assault rifles and snipers than the shotguns, pistols and machine pistols.

Mobile mods [APK/IPA] files –

Cheating on PC is the bit easier and run on the PC along with game while on mobile phones, a modified version of mods needs to be installed. The modified version come in the form of APK and IPA files. The APK is for ios devices whereas IPA is for Android devices. Even you need to download the new version of mods every time when your game is updated.  

Scripts –

Scripts are very powerful and effective in the battle royale game and perform automated actions for you like it can automatically heal you, loot for you, move you back and forth to avoid coming fire etc. Scripts are used in mostly PC while it can also be installed on mobile devices as well.


These cheating applications make your game more easy and enjoyable through which you can play the game for long-term and develop some gaming skills with dodging, aiming, sniper rifles etc.

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