Tips -For -Buying -Best- Gold -Jewelry

Tips For Buying Best Gold Jewelry

Gold is a very precious metal that retains its value. Buying gold jewelry can be a wonderful experience if you have enough knowledge about it. The decision of buying gold jewelry also requires a lot of investment. It costs lots of bucks. Gold can last for the lifetime if it is carried with proper care. The price of gold greatly varies depending on the price, weight, and place from where you are buying it. Before buying this special investing metal you have to take care of certain things that are as follows-

  • The purity of gold-

    You have to familiarize yourself with gold purity standards. The fineness of gold is determined by its purity. It is measured in karats. 24 karat gold is said to be 100 percent pure while 12 karat gold is 50 percent pure. So purity is the biggest factor you have to consider.

  • Avoid plated or vermeil gold jewelry-

    Plated and vermeil jewelry of gold includes dipping of other metals into molten gold to create a coating. These type of jewelry are cheaper than pure gold but also more prone to cracking.

  • Choose for yourself right purity gold-Leo Hamel Fine Jewelry & Engagement Rings Store

    Of course, 24 karat gold is very expensive as compare to alloyed gold. 24 karat gold is very soft and more prone to scratching and damage. Many people you want to spend less money get more inclined towards alloyed gold. If you are buying gold jewelry for your daily basis then it is better for you to buy gold less pure than 24 karats.

  • Pick your jewelry color-

    Generally gold comes in yellow, pink and white colors. Yellow color represents the natural color of gold but it does not mean that every yellow gold jewelry is pure. You have to check the markings. White gold is created by mixing in palladium or nickel. Pink or rose gold is created by mixing it with copper. Green gold is created by mixing it with silver. So the pink, white and green varieties of gold are manufactured by mixing gold with other metals. They are not 100 percent pure. The non-yellow gold pieces are not more than 18 karats.

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  • Find a certified and reputed jeweler-

    There are many national organizations of jewelers under which uncountable pieces of gold jewelry are made. Try to purchase jewelry from the jewelers who are the part of these big organization. You can also buy gold jewelry from independent jewelers but you have to make sure about their authenticity. Before buying any gold jewelry must ask about their warranty period. For more clarity about the purity of gold, you can also check the markings on the piece. Hallmark is the symbol of strong and pure gold jewelry. You can also buy gold online from shops like Leo Hamel fine jewelry and engagement rings store. It is one of the reputed online store.

The proper reading of above points before buying any gold jewelry can help you tremendously.

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