Tips to Choose the Best Tenant for Your Rental

Hiring a tenant is one of the major sources of income for people across the globe. We must consider the fact that there are both good and bad tenants. Nobody can determine in advance the nature of the tenant they are going to hire but there are certain factors which you should consider while letting the property on rent which will give you a better opportunity of finding a right tenant and also helps you to ensure safety. Here are some tips mentioned to help you accomplish the goal.


Pursue The Law


The landlord must treat all the respective tenants equally. There are some specified laws framed under housing act to prevent discrimination against certain classes of people that means discrimination can’t be done on the basis of:

Racism or color




Disability or familial status

In addition to the central laws, many state governments have their own fair housing rules to prevent all these activities.


Find a tenant with good credit


Of course, the owner will look for a tenant who is capable of paying off bills, rent on time and bother family responsibility well. Ideally, choose a tenant whose income is at least three times the rent of the house. Find out information about their previous debts, if any and in case the information goes wrong then you need to find out the whole procedure of how to evict a tenant in Washington (for Americans) to cancel their rental agreement.



how-to-evict -a-tenant-in-Washington
how to evict a tenant in Washington


Criminal background investigation


Skipping the step of criminal verification can turn up into serious offenses in the future. Since criminal information is always public, it can be easily checked out at various courthouses. The things become mandatory are the name and date of birth of respective tenant with a verification identity. Sometimes the process becomes difficult as there are no nationwide criminal data records available for a thorough background check.


Switch to a stable tenant


Look for the tenant’s previous residency and employment records whether they move on to a new job or place frequently. If the records don’t show them a consistent employee, maybe you would have to face the problem of searching for a new tenant after eviction. Make sure to find a tenant with a stable job and good resident records.




All the above mentioned tips would be helpful to find a right tenant as the aptitude is the best judge of people’s character. If you feel that there is any fact left behind the proof shown on paper, make further investigation to clear the doubts.


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