Top 5 Benefits of Vaping over Smoking

It has been always a matter of debate that vaping is better than smoking or not. However, vaping is altogether a new concept over smoking. Vaping has also gained enormous popularity in very less span of time in different parts of the world. Although, still some people consist of various doubts about the safety of their health while using vape pods. That’s why in this article we will introduce you with some of the real and scientifically proven benefits of vaping in comparison to smoking.


Vape pods consist of fewer chemicals

As we all know that cigarettes consist of a very large amount of harmful chemicals and toxins like nicotine, lead, ammonia, cyanide, carbon monoxide and many more. According to doctors, cigarettes consist at least about 24 harmful chemicals that even cause cancer. On the other side, e-cigarettes consist of vape juice that is far less harmful than chemicals. The ingredients of the e-cigarettes often approved by FDA that stands for food and drug administration.


Comes in various flavors


Vape juice
Vape juice


E-cigarettes come in the variety of flavors. E-cigarettes make use of different vape juices like apple, strawberry, chocolate, cherry and many more. On the other hand, traditional cigarettes make use of only tobacco. That makes them quite boring as compared to e-cigarettes.


Less addictive in nature

Cigarettes contain nicotine that makes them highly addictive and very hard to quit. Some people who smoke a lot want to quit it but not able to do so because of high addiction to nicotine that triggers them often or even more when they stop smoking. Whereas in e-cigarettes the quantity of nicotine used is very less or even not present in some of them. That makes vaping less addictive and harmful for people.


Less harmful for people around you



As we know smoking creates a lot of air pollution that not only affect active smokers but also passive smokers. Passive smokers are the one who presents near the person who’s smoking. All the harmful chemicals of cigarettes get transferred to people present in the surrounding of the smoker. But in case of vaping this is not the case. It is not harmful to the people near in the vicinity of vapor.


Very convenient while using

As we know according to a law it is not permitted to smoke in public places. That’s the reason why smokers come across various hassle many times. While vaping is allowed to do in public places that makes it for convenient to do as compared to smoking.


These are the top five benefits of vaping over smoking. I think if you are also a smoker and want to quit it then vaping is the best alternative for you to follow.

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