Top 5 Road Rules for Heavy Vehicles

Transportation trucks are very useful means for getting goods to the markets. They are very huge and heavy which makes them different from any other vehicles. There are a lot of things that need to take care while driving such heavy vehicles. The driver should aware of the road rules because there are a lot of commercial transport vehicles with whom you need to share the same road. Therefore if you have just started driving or not much aware of the rules then this rule guide is especially for you. Check out the below points to learn how to drive safely.

Speed limit

Most of the accidents happen due to the exceeded speed limit. There is a specific speed limit for certain roads and you should not ignore that whether road there is traffic or not. Whenever you see the speed limit board just follow that to ensure your safety.

Be careful with wet roads

Usually in the rainy season when you drive on wet roads make sure to drive at a speed which you can control through brake gradually. There is a simple logic behind that, wet roads minimize the grip of the tyre and that will result in the loss of control. Therefore, try to keep the speed safe as well as the load of it according to your vehicle. Also, don’t forget to slow down at the corners to avoid skidding.



Trucks, buses and other heavy vehicles need more space for turning. So be careful of the small vehicles and cars while turning. Check out space carefully and then turn your vehicle to stay away from side-swiping with other road vehicles or objects.


You can face a lot of problems associated with overtaking while driving a huge vehicle. First of all, it is always beneficial for you to drive on the left side of the road so that you don’t get disturbed when any fast moving vehicle overtakes you.

And if you are overtaking someone, make sure to be watchful of motorcycles and cars. It is always better to check out both the mirrors and take a glance of the road. Many times because of the air movement of heavy vehicles people prefer to drive their small vehicles off the road.

Truck Breakdown

No trucks sign

There are some routes which have no heavy vehicles signboard. So don’t take that sign lightly and choose another road for your safety. Drivers should be very careful of all these signs. Until and unless it is not urgent and it is the only route that will make you reach your destination, do not attempt to drive over it. Also, make sure to take some necessary tools and first aid box with you in case of truck breakdown.

Hence, these are some of the basic road rules that will help you a lot in driving safely.

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