Top Four Benefits of a Play Mat for Your Baby

Although, you love to hold your little baby but there will be a situation when your baby wants to learn development skills. Baby play mat might probably be an adaptable and useful baby product available in the market. Not because of its multiple uses, but it also contributes so many benefits in respect of baby’s overall development.

What is a baby play mat? These question might usually arise in people’s mind. In simple terms, play mat is basically a soft mat consisting of two arches that support the toys hanged over them. Every brand of play mat designs them with different features like some have mirrors, pillows for tummy time, music system while others are quite simple where baby lays, make moves and play.




Baby play mat

Intellectual Development


When the baby is placed on the play mat, they become able to learn the basic of decision-making skills. The mat encourages baby to repeat all the action mandatory for their development, such as hitting an object, squeezing toys and so on. As soon as the baby grows up, they grab, pull or kick a toy, not by chance instead all these activities have been done intentionally to create fun. A play mat also helps parents to maintain coordination with their kid while they enjoy their playtime.


Visual Development


Baby mat encourages baby’s communication, visual and emotional skills. Most of the brands use bright and contrasting colors for designing mat, it has been proved in various researches that baby feels convenient identifying objects with contrasting colors that develop their visual skills.


Supports physical development


When enjoying playtime, the baby is actually performing actions like jumping, crawling and rolling. All these actions are a part of the regular exercise which is mandatory for baby’s physical development. Laying on stomach strengthen neck, arms, and back and also develop visual skills, hand skills, and necessary motor skills.


Perfect time to use


Though play mat is recommended to use since birth at this early stage, babies are not capable of learning significant skills. When the baby completes five months of their life, they can focus better on things like different sounds and color contrast. This is the stage when babies start making actions using their hands and feet, therefore a play mat is a suitable option to provide the environment.




A baby play mat is quite easy to take care of. They are usually portable (one can easily fold them and carry to another place) and designed especially for babies under the age of six months.


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