Top Instagram Features That You Need To Know

Top Instagram Features That You Need To Know

There cannot be anyone who does not know about Instagram. It is one very popular social media platform that most people use today. The reasons for its popularity are also not just simply, it has got valid reasons to be so popular. It is one cool application that keeps on updating its existing features, so you should probably take a look at it if you really haven’t done it. Keep reading it, to discover some of the interesting and exciting features of Instagram that has been recently updated.

Face filters

Just like many other applications, these help you to create a goofy effect on your face and they have found to be working perfectly fine too. To check out the face filters, you need to switch to selfie mode, and next to the camera icon, you have to click on the face icons.

Instagram Automation
Instagram Automation

Rewind And Hashtag

This is only available in the latest versions of Instagram stories and both of these are not restricted to selfies as well.

The New Eraser Brush

The eraser brush has become trending among Instagram users and many people have started using it as well. This is one creative tool to edit your images and give them a professional look too. This gives a cool look to your images, as you try it out.

Save Or Bookmark

Instagram has introduced the option of saving your favourite photos or even bookmarking them to view them later on. Saving or bookmarking is quite an easy task now on Instagram since they just happen with just a click.

Add Multiple Photos

It is often said that a picture can speak a thousand words, but the real fact is that sometimes, you need a series of photos to speak out something loud and clear. So having the option to post multiple photos, is always cool. So with this latest feature, you will now be able to add numerous photos with titles and depict what you really want to share with your friends.

Instagram Windows Desktop Application

This is one cool way of choosing to use your stuff via your desktop. You can use it both on your phone as well as on your desktops too. So this is indeed very useful for you.

Two Factor Authentication

This is a way of securing your account from a third party interruption. This makes the application safer and worthier to use.

With so many interesting new features, it is always cool to start using Instagram and Instagram Automation tools. This will surely help you in many ways.

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