The wedding day is a special day of everyone’s life. You do everything for making your special day unforgettable and amazing. You do a lot of things to make your day spectacular and food catering is one of such thing which can surprise and impress your guests at your wedding. Foods and catering is something which seeks everyone attention. Adding some new things to the food menu and creative presentation make your catering attractive. If you also want to make your wedding day stunning. Here a little secret by highlighting your reception food.

Here some trending things for food catering which you can do at your wedding

  • Play with color 

Adding colors to your foods will surely augment the presentation of your foods. You can also add colors according to your wedding themes. Colors play a crucial role in the wedding by coordinating with wedding liners, flowers, and party attire. So coordinate also with your foods and give a pretty look.

  • Break out the bubbly 

Display the all your drink choices, spirits, amazing bowls, and glasses at the cocktail hour and let your guest make their own refreshment drink. Also offer champagne, wine and a variety of liqueurs and not forget to add some fresh juices of cranberry, grapefruit, and orange.

  • Spring into action 

Live chefs are also best for wedding and cocktails party. Each food station is attended by a chef who will serve your meal or suggest what to pair with. These types of food stations are fun and allow for easy guest interaction.

pizza wedding catering
pizza wedding catering
  • Light Bites 

You can put some amazing starters of healthy and light flavored. They are many and many options are available for starters with attractive presentation.

  • Go green

Green foods are healthy and many people want at least one green course at the events. You can add a salad or organic peas with your main course.

  • Get global foods 

You can add different varieties of food from all around the globe like black lava sea and tahini sauce for adding richness to the flavors. You can also try pizza on your wedding reception. The pizza wedding catering is making pizza trending on wedding these days and provides many different flavored crusts.

  • Kid’s menu 

You can also add children’s menus at your wedding. They will love finding their kind of dishes such as sushi.


Make your wedding day special by using such trending foods and catering ideas at your wedding. You will love to see your guest amazed and impressed by such arrangements.

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