Understand The Different Types Of Sports Betting

Understand The Different Types Of Sports Betting

There is no doubt that the sports betting is the most popular and biggest type of gambling nowadays. There is a number of sports to bet and even sports betting also contain multiple activities and different ways to place a bet on the sports events. CSGO being everyone’s favorite, you can bet on this game as there are many CSGO gambling sites available online.

Placing a bet on a particular sport and the type of wager depends upon an individual who is going to place a bet.

Before start placing a bet in sports, you need to know the different types of bets which can be placed because many sports bets are a bit complex than the others. And if you are a beginner you will end making your huge loss. It is also quite confusing for the new bettors to choose in a wide range of wagers.

CSGO Gambling Sites
CSGO Gambling Sites

Here is a list of different types of wager in sports betting –

Straight bets –

The most simple and basic bet in sports is straight bets. Most sports bettors and fans are most likely to place a bet on straight bets. It is the most common bet in the sports betting which is placed especially in basketball and football. In the straight bet, a betting line is set where a bettor can place a bet on his favorite game and give-up the points or place a bet on the underdog and get the points.

Total line bets –

Another second most popular type of bet on sports is total line bets. In the total line bet, a number is set for both the players of their mixed final score in which a bet can stay or go over from the set numbers.

Money line bets –

Money line bets are used for the major sports such as baseball and hockey. This type of bet involved risk in the amount which you have the wager for your favorite or to the underdog. When you place a bet on Moneyline, you pick a team which will win straight up without any betting line.

Parlay bets –

The grouping of two or more than two picks together in one single bet is referred as parlay bet. The odds of the parlay betting can be adjusted according to the total number of picks you combined together.

Teaser bets –

Teaser bets are a twist in the parlay bet where also you group two or more picks together on a single bet but here you can twist the point spread for overall lower payout in your favor.

Head to head bets –

Head to head bets is most common bet on some popular professional sports such as professional golf and NASCAR. This is the bet which is placed between the two competitors.


There are so many different sports and types of the wager are placed in the sports betting which is hard to know for a beginner.

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