Medicare is the best health care insurance program for people of age 65 or older. People under the age of 65, who have disabilities can also be a part of Medicare. Medicare plans provide coverage through Medicare-approved private insurance companies. As the plans are covered by the private industries there are a variety of coverage levels, network structures, and tier options. Depending upon the options provided you can choose your plans, covering dental, vision care, and other prescription drugs.

  • Original Medicare:

Original Medicare is administered and managed by the federal government. There are two types of original Medicare each provides coverage for different health care services.

  • Hospital insurance (plan A):

This provides us with the inpatient care and the care received in hospital and skilled nursing facility.

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  • Medical insurance (plan B):

It covers doctor’s services, outpatient services, lab tests, preventive cares, and skilled nursing facility.

There are various advantages of enrolling in original Medicare include:

Low monthly premiums:

Medicare part A is generally free for most of the people, and standard premium for part B requires some amount. Most people with social security are requested to pay some minimum amount per month.

Broad acceptance:

Medicare provides a wide range of flexibility when comes to choosing health care provisions. There are various types of plans provided at least partial coverage.

For example:

1. Medicare part A: coinsurance and hospital costs

2. Medicare part B: coinsurance and co payment

3. First three pints of blood

4. Hospital care of coinsurance and co payment

Numerous plan options:

In most states, there are various standardised plans available to provide different levels of basic benefits. This means there are various Medicare plans available which provide the level of coverage of your needs.

Special advantages:

There are medical advantages plans which provides the same benefit as that of the original ones, but some of them provide the dental, vision and prescription drug coverage. There are various Medicare coverage helpline services provided by the companies, which will help to gain more knowledge before buying the insurance.

Medicare covers the people, who don’t have coverage:

Using Medicare tons of elders are receiving medical facilities, who cannot afford good quality treatment for themselves in old age. If Medicare does not exist, then the old age people, had to pay for their medical bills, which sometimes exceeds there annual income. There are people with disabilities, and they depend on their caretakers for treatment, who cannot afford, then Medicare is very beneficial for them.


There are various insurance companies providing Medicare at the much affordable price and moreover, they are very beneficial to buy and equally affordable to purchase.

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