What are the different types of proxies available for you?

What are the different types of proxies available for you?

Most websites have various ways to identify the people who have visited their pages or sites, but by buying proxies, you need not worry regarding this, especially using the dedicated proxies which are generally used by a single user and generally cannot be identified. It makes a request from the internet resource, by which the internet source looks at its local cache of the website, and if the server is found, it directly returns back to the user and allows it to access that particular site. There are various types of proxies available in the market for the users, which include:


Transparent proxy servers perform the best functions of the proxy, but they do not accomplish any local policies. This means that the proxies do not add, change any content within the messages. These are typically used for catching the websites, and really not provided with a real amount of invisibility. These help the users to work around the basic IP bans. There is no special configuration required in the browser to use these proxies, the cache data is completely visible to the user present on the other end.


These proxies try to mask the IP address of the user’s computers. People use these servers to protect and conceal one’s identities, various reasons. This particular proxy is helpful to those who really want to conceal their data while browsing the data.


This type of proxy server identifies itself as a proxy server and checks the other website which you are using. Instead of revealing the IP address, you can easily switch to a fake one that is not recognizable as your own.

Dedicated Proxies
Dedicated Proxies

High anonymity

High anonymity proxy servers don’t consider them as proxy servers and do not reveal the original IP address to anyone. These proxies use remote address headers with IP address of the proxy server so that it appears as if the proxy server be the actual client.

Reverse proxy

A reverse proxy is the general change of the proxy servers. It typically uses the purpose of passing requests from internet through a firewall to private networks. It also helps the internet users from having direct access to the sensitive data on the content servers of an isolated network. The reverse proxy helps to reduce the network traffic by serving cached information as opposed to simply passing all the requests to the actual content servers.

Intercepting proxy

This proxy provides the proxy with the gateway. Connections are made with the client browsers through the gateway, which is redirected through the proxy without any special configurations from the client side.


If you want your identity unrevealed then buy a dedicated proxy service which will help you preserve your identity while surfing various internet websites.

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