What Are The Reasons That People Unfollow Your Instagram Account?

Everyone wants to gain umpteen number of followers on the Instagram. You have might share many posts best of your capabilities. Even after this, you end up losing followers. You feel very daunting and sad when you see the exponential decrease in the numbers of your followers. Instagram has introduced many features in the past few years like the Instagram unfollow limit. You cannot unfollow an unlimited number of accounts. According to the information you can unfollow only 160 followers per hour on the Instagram. If you unfollow more than 160 people in an hour then you will receive an alert message from the Instagram.

But you ever think about that why people are unfollowing your Instagram account? What are the reasons behind this? Hope so you do. They are many. Let’s take a look!

  • Less engagement with the followers-

Instagram Unfollow Limit

It is the most important reason for losing followers on Instagram. You have to remember that Instagram is a social platform that needs involvement, content sharing and exchange of ideas with each other. You have to be a gregarious person to stay long on the Instagram.

  • Posting only the emotional content-

    Always remember that it’s is perfectly ok that you are an emotional person who likes things like art, music, photos overtly emotional. But it is not always possible that your followers like the same that you do. So it is very important to consider the interests and taste of your followers also. Otherwise, followers urge to like and follow your posts end up miserably.

  • The desire of compliments 24×7-

Most of the time it happens that your post includes the text or the message to must like the post. When it happens again and again then your followers feel trapped and they end up by unfollowing you. Because compliments and praises come naturally. They are not gain by forcing somebody. So try to avoid fishing for compliments.

  • Don’t clutter your Instagram account-

    It happens many times that you post so many stuff at the same time. This habit annoys many of your followers and gives the reason to unfollow you. If your interest vacillates between many themes like food, traveling and many more. Then try to avoid posting at that time. Because by that you end up sending posting cluttered form of all themes.

  • Inconsistency in your posting-

Sometimes you feel like posting on the daily basis. You just want to make your Instagram account popular. But after you reached that state then you feel very lazy to post consistently. The time comes when you post even very rarely. This annoyed the most of your followers on the Instagram. Because when they start liking your posts they want to see more of your content.

These are some reasons why people unfollow your Instagram account. For shining on Instagram forever you have to avoid the above mistakes.

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