What Are The Salient Features Of Wool Fabrics?

What Are The Salient Features Of Wool Fabrics?

The quality of wool fabric actually depends on a number of factors like the kind of sheep from which the wool is obtained, the physical condition of the sheep, part or portion of the sheep from which the wool is obtained and what is being done in the finishing process is what really matters a lot. Keep reading to know about some very important features of the wool fabrics.

wool fabrics
wool fabrics
  • Composition

Keratin, a protein substance is one of the major constituents of the wool fabric. Chemically speaking they actually contain five important elements. They are namely sulphur, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and carbon as well. This has a speciality of being the only fibre which contains sulphur in its concentration.

  • Strength

Wool as such is not so strong and is also one of the weakest fabric amongst natural textile fibres. It is with the use of ply yarns, that they are being given more strength and determination to do more. Twisted versions of these single yarns can really make the material feel more great and comfortable as well.

  • Drapability

The excellent draping quality of the wool is actually aided by the elasticity, pliability and resilience. This is one of the very demanding features of most of the wool-fabrics since last many years.

  • Shrinkage

When hand washed they are prone to shrink, but when dry washed they tend to shrink less and look perfect to wear.

At 100-degree Celsius, it becomes harsh and they begin to decompose even more when the temperature goes slightly high.

  • Elasticity

They are incredibly elastic and the reason for this being very simple, it is that they are being made up of molecular coil-spring. Depending on their quality they allow being extended to up to 25-30 percent. To preserve their elasticity you need to hang them properly after use and also should be allowed to relax sufficiently in order to regain their shape.

  • Absorbency

They are generally water-repellent and also if by chance moisture happens to seek inside the fibres then they are sure to become ready to absorb more. They also prove to create a balance in moisture by absorbing the moisture of greater humidity in the atmosphere, as they are releasing those to the less humid environment.

  • Heat Conductivity

They are simply an excellent winter clothing and also help abundantly to retain the normal temperature. They actually have built-in climate control capabilities.

Woollen fabrics are something you should always have in your wardrobe, as they can make you look stylish and at the same time they can make you feel warm as well. This is one of the best things you could choose to wear for your clothes during all seasons, namely the winters.

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