What Are The Top Tricks To Do Painting With Diamonds?

Painting is a craft that has been exploring for many years. Day by day, experiments and innovations are getting increased in this field of craft. Diamond painting is one of the best examples of it. It is a type of painting which makes use of tiny sparkling pieces that looks same as colorful diamonds.

Many of you in the starting may get confused by its name and convinced that this sort of painting which is made using only real diamonds. But that is not the case always. However, some of the painters also make use of real diamonds. Some of the amazing tricks to do the painting with diamonds are:


Make use of egg cartons for organizing your diamonds


Many of us love to eat omelets and egg dishes. We often buy eggs within cartons. We assemble the eggs in the fridge and throw carton in the garbage. But you can make brilliant use of it. For the painting lovers especially the one who loves to do diamond painting, one can make sure to store these egg cartons. You can use them for organizing your colorful diamonds.


Glue the diamonds next to their symbols on the canvas




It is one of the best tricks for doing the painting with colorful diamonds fast. This trick allows you to pick quickly the required colored diamond in between the painting without creating any doubt.


Use marker to put the symbol on every diamond bag


This is also one more wonderful trick for assembling your colorful diamonds while painting. If egg cartons are not in your follow list then you can give a sort to this trick. This is a very easy-to-follow and smart tactic to make your confusing hassles much easier than earlier while doing a painting with beautiful so-called or real diamonds. You can separate them in a plastic bag usually included in the painting kit and then accordingly mark the symbols on it with the help of a marker.


Utilize cutting board as a flat surface for your canvas



Are you facing any difficulty in finding a good surface to complete your paint with diamonds? Then this trick is like made for you. You can make use of the normal kitchen vegetables cutting board. Just simply wash it properly and make use of it for your painting with the diamonds.


Diamond painting is a wonderful craft form that makes your paints looks even more realistic and lively. I am sure you get helpful suggestions and tips from the above mention points.


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