What is fake Id?

Fake Id mean the person who is belonging to that id is not belonging to it. Because Id is always a unique content. Id make content unique. Id not only mention to person but is also mentioned to product also. Product such as electronic item as mobile, Television, Personal computer (PC), etc. Id is also provide in vehicle as motorcycle, bicycle, car, bus, truck etc. Id is given because if on missing from the person it can be find out by id. Due to id registration become unique and helps in case of lost.

Id is important because it give individual identity to person or product. For a person in India government have made aadhar card. The person person who are above 18 years. It give them a unique identity through it. Through this many type of work can be done as opening account in the bank, Ticket booking for bus, train, airplane, ship etc. If on lost we can take it from the internet also. Once you have register your aadhar card service to agency even on lost you can take it from the internet. Due to this it made person id and give importance to every and each person.


Forgery for fake id-


Forgery means the action of forging a copy or limitation of a document, Signature, banknote, or work of art. We know that god has given some identity to human also as in our body part for example our figure print, eye pupil of every and each person is different in the world. For this biometric device are made to take this identity unique. Biometric make the security level to high extent. Due to this no such forgery get to be done. It is difficult for person to make fake if your id is made from Biometric method.


Fake Id

Making online fake id account-


Now it is the era of internet and millions of people around the world the accessing the internet. In the internet for registration there is always a sign up page and sign in page through the sign up page we get the access to sign in. In the registration form one get unique registration field like mobile no, aadhar no, pan card no, etc. Which try to make registration account unique. But some site don’t provide uniqueness to there site due to that fake account get created and make create confusion to people for site.




Making fake id lead to someone to imprisonment and have to give fine for it. It will lead person to criminal record. So therefore person should have to make fake id and don’t to do any forgery for it.


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