Which One Is Better: Solar Street Light V/S Traditional Street Lights?

Which One Is Better: Solar Street Light V/S Traditional Street Lights?

People are becoming more responsible while they are opting for the various methods to protect the environment. Using the green way of using energy is getting quite popular around the world. While it is not totally able to dominate the traditional form of energy sources but in the future, there is quite a possibility.

You can find solar street light in some of the industrial sites or the public place while you can also find these lights in the residential areas also. This shows that more people are grown their interest in the solar lighting method.

Here are some of the reasons which show why solar LED street lights are better than traditional street lights.

Solar Street Light
Solar Street Light


Solar-driven lights are not having any bad influence on the environment. While traditional sources of energy cause pollution in the environment and the fuel resources has been used excessively for the production of electricity. There is a possibility that these fuels may get totally depleted from the earth while it is better to not wait for that day and use the renewable sources of energy which are also a green way of using electricity.

Visibility Of the lights

Most of the solar lights used in the street lighting have the LED lights. While these LEDs can be used with different CRI making them resemble the sun light as close as possible while it is quite helpful in the nighttime visibility of the street lights. Compared with the traditional sources of light which causes much more consumption of the energy and also cannot be able to provide better visibility at night.


While solar lights would cost more compared to the traditional lights, on the counterpart the cost of the maintenance for traditional lighting is much more than solar lighting.


Conventional sources of light will have the maximum life cycle of 5000 hours at most while the life of the solar LED lights is 10 times more than that of traditional (conventional lights) lights.

The above comparison clearly shows that solar LED lights are much better for street lighting compared to traditional lighting methods. In the modern days, more people are having grown interested in the green way of using lighting while it is better to opt for the better step towards the good path and also save some of the conventional fuels for our next generation also.

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