Why Cocaine Is So Harmful For Human Body?

Cocaine is considered as one of the most dangerous drug. Have you ever thought why? I know most of the people do not care about these things. But knowledge about these type of drugs and all protects and stops us from inhaling it ever in the lifetime. Cocaine is a stimulant that directly effects our central nervous system and give us a temporary feeling of pleasure and euphoria.


How long does cocaine stay in your system?


How long does cocaine stay in your system?


May be few of you know about How long does cocaine stay in your system? According to doctors the effect of cocaine inhalation lasts maximum for an hour. This happens in the case when one intake the high dose of it. If it is taken in small amount then its effects can be rid-off within 15 to 20 minutes. This article is all about the harmful effects of cocaine for the human body. So just go through it!


Restrict bloodstream to the heart


One of the major cause that happen within the human body because of cocaine is the restriction of blood to the heart. That is really dangerous and live-taking. It can cause heart attack. It makes really hard for the heart to pump blood to all the organs of the body.


Cause reduction of grey matter in the brain



As we all know the meaning of grey. It is a color that differentiate between the black and white. That give us vision to see what is right and wrong. Exactly like this grey matter exist in our brain that tells us what is right for us and what not. According to a study, it has been found that inhalation of cocaine reduces the grey matter present in our brain and make us do all the rubbish things because we do not have control over our mind.



Causes depression and anxiety


Cocaine intake make us euphoric temporarily and causes many intense changes in the hormones of the brain. That leads to psychological problems like depression and anxiety. It shows that cocaine causes damages to brain as well as physical health of the human beings.


Make imbalance in appetite leads to weight lose



According to many studies, it has been found that cocaine high dosage causes reduction in the appetite that leads to the weight lose which is really risky for the organs and overall functioning of the body.

Cocaine is a very harmful drug for the human body. Cocaine addiction can be controlled by visiting drug rehab centers and also by taking treatments from doctors.

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