Why do people often choose an IPTV instead of a traditional medium of broadcasting?

Why Do People Often Choose an IPTV Instead of a Traditional Medium of Broadcasting?

Since we are living in a world which has become so populated and busiest that we rarely manage to schedule time for enjoying our favorite content over the television and thus usually miss all of them. Now we are no longer will be facing this problem as IPTV has been launched which avails us to see our desired content anywhere we want on our portable devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Cost of subscription not so much varies from the traditional medium of broadcasting which is provided through cable-wire, satellite connection. The viewers would be able to surf among the enormous attractive channels that comes with clear content.

Meaning and uses


It is the abbreviated form of ‘Internet Protocol Television’ that can be stated as delivering contents or videos to the customers with the help of internet connection. It can also be connected to the TV with the help of a set-top box for enjoying various channels it offers.


  • To enjoy desired content irrespective of the situation or the place with the facility of portability.
  • People who want to get rid of suffering from the wires and various devices which comes with a conventional system of broadcasting are switching rapidly to Internet protocol television.
  • It helps the viewers who are addicted towards watching live shows which is possible through this method of media broadcasting only.
  • They are dedicated to serving their customers and thus facilitates them watching any particular content on demand. Their customer support is so rigid that they usually react in minutes.

Packages that it offers

Generally, they are categorized under five options or package that might be selected as per viewer’s suitability and preference as well that are mentioned below

  1. One month (30 days) subscription.
  2. Three months (90 days) subscription.
  3. Six months (180 days) subscription.
  4. One year (365 days) subscription.
  5. Re-seller plan

All of the above come with the same facility that provides us the facility to see over 1200+ channels, live channels, HD content, various Android apps and many more. With the last one that is the re-seller plan, anyone can start their own company by providing services to unlimited customers.


However it has become the first choice for the viewers who are shifting promptly yet there are some factors which affect its development like lack of knowledge, the misconception in the minds of viewers. As it requires reliable connection it is not possible for the viewer living in remote areas to become a subscriber for enjoying its immense features.

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