Why We Keep Playing The Lottery?

There are many pieces of evidence that illustrate that the chances of winning in lottery games are very small. Everyone knows this, then what may be the valid reasons that people keep on playing the game over and over. You need to understand the psychology of people behind this. I have researched about this and got to know some specific points in this regard that are listed below:

Online Lottery Games
Online Lottery Games

Quixotic optimism

Numerous choice specialists contend that the human personality is not meant to process lottery-sized possibilities. Our cerebrums developed under conditions where we never needed to make any likelihood estimations like those included with certain specific events, thus the chances in these recreations fall outside the scope of customary life encounters.

Accessibility bias

This is a significant factor that lets people determine their chances of winning in the game. Winning a generous measure of cash appears to be almost certain in case we have seen or found out about the recent champions. All casinos tend to utilize this strategy constantly. When people start winning a series of games, the jackpot is portrayed in front of them so that they keep on playing.

Due to their superstitious thinking


Consider a scenario when you buy four lottery tickets and lost in all the tickets. You will then continue to play expecting to win the fifth one for sure. Well, each of the game is independent of other and there is no guaranteed winning in any of the games. The interface of lottery games is so interesting that the player is compelled to play more and more.

The hallucination of control and imminent misses

If you have picked a 4 and the winning count is 6, people think they have just missed it from a slight difference. They think that they were so close to winning the game and so continue to play the game with a winning expectation.

Social pitfalls

Some people have been playing the lottery games for several years and just can’t stop playing as they have developed a propensity of playing such game. This was another different reason why people keep on playing.

Easy to vindicate

Playing these games can be one of the life-changing opportunities for you and that’s the reason you continue to play the game even after a couple of losses.


These were some of the prominent reasons why people keep playing the lottery. You can read more in this aspect from reliable online resources.

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